Our Stone

Thanks for choosing jewsilver jewelry. Jewsilver solemnly states that all our gemstones come from the excellent laboratory, which is renewable resource and also the best substitute for diamonds. Every process is handmade by skilled craftsman. Jewsilver has been working hard to make its due contribution to the protection of the world environment.

Compared with the ordinary gemstone, we own the more advanced craftsmanship, such as the hardness, Hue–Saturation–Brightness, Cutting technique. Jewsilver laboratory do their best to reveal the brilliant and dazzling of the gemstone. At present, you could not find the gemstone jewelry which is as outstanding as ours.

Compared with natural diamond, our gemstone is more suitable for daily wear, and more environmentally friendly. Our gems have the same constituent molecules as diamonds, but it is superior in hardness, inlay, and grinding process. With the same size, you could save more to shop our gemstone jewelry, and without the risky of bankrupt.

Jewsilver jewelry keeps on extending the sort of pieces, and bring more colorful gemstone jewelry for all as soon as possible. Your needs are our pursuits.